15 July 2017

Hope Girl - Jamong Cleansing Balm Review (spr Jolse)

Jamong, it's been so long!
Today I will be reviewing this cleansing balm for you. Jolse was 'recruiting' 30 reviewers a while ago to review this product. I entered because I'm a major grapefruit (jamong) fan and I got picked! YAY! I also received 3 other Hope Girl samples with this product; I will review these as well, just for extra.

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26 April 2017

Reorganizing my life!

Reorganize blog room house youtube k beauty blogger rainbow chaos makeup skincare  reorganizing update daily life
Here I go again...again!
Yes, it's that time where I start chatting about how things are going to change again. I posted this same-ish post about 6 days ago and took it offline again soon after. I noticed that I got off track and was not really talking about reorganizing but more about other stuff. 1. Hot chocolate; check, 2. Little strawberry Oreo; check 3. Song on repeat (R.A.R.D - Don't Recall); check ...Let's do this again;)

Updated 2 July 2017
Everything with red colored text or/and title is an update :)
At the bottom of this post I share my blog-gap-explanation.

09 April 2017

Stylenanda 3CE X Lily Maymac Lipstick #118, Mood Recipe Lipstick #117 & Mood Recipe Nail Lacquer #BR06 Review

Stylenanda 3CE X Lily Maymac Lipstick #118 holy rose Mood Recipe #117 chicful Nail Lacquer #BR06 Review Haul 스타일난다 릴 리메이맥 쓰리씨이 립컬러 립스틱 k beauty blog blogger korean swatches swatch cosmetics makeup testerkorea
 ▲ YAS ▲
Around the beginning of December last year I first saw this Lily Macmac lipstick on TesterKorea and shortly after someone wearing it on YouTube, I fell in love and had to have it! Then I saw they also had this same lipstick formula in another collection in a deep dark purply brown nude color with matching nail polish * add to cart!* These are my very first 3CE products!

31 March 2017

Innisfree - Ampoule Cover Cushion - C13 + Case Review

Innisfree Ampoule Cover Cushion C13 Review burgundy case 114 haul k beauty blog blogger 이니스프리 앰플 커버 쿠션 버건디 케이스
Super stylish
For a long time now I really wanted to try out Innisfree cushion foundation, but which one? So hard to choose. Then Innisfree came out with the Ampoule Cover cushion; a combination of 2 older versions. so the choise was now easy to make and around the same time they also released new cushion cases.

23 March 2017

My first Colourpop Haul, Customs Advice & Review + Kbeauty TIP

Colourpop matte satin glossy lip can you knot hutch sookie notion wink eyeshadow bill stereo bae puppy love haul review blog beauty
Wishlist items - check!
Long time ago on Black Friday or some day close to it; Colourpop had free international with no minimum limit. LOL I didn't even knew Colourpop was already shipping international, so extra happy to try out some items on my wishlist. Also super scary to order from this website since I didn't knew how their parcels would pass customs. Ready for my review and info on Colourpop & customs?!

11 March 2017

Bath & Body Works Winter to Spring Haul & Review

Bath & Body Works Stock Up Haul and Review fresh start winter spring candle soap pocketbac beauty blog blogger Cozy Favorites
A fresh new start
A few days before the new year I had purchases these items to make a fresh start in January. I really like fresh and clean scents in the beginning of the year with hints of floral & fruit scents to get me ready for Spring. These are really perfect!

05 March 2017

Bath & Body Works Stock Up and More Haul & Review

Bath & Body Works Stock Up Haul and Review fall christmas winter candle body cream beauty blog blogger cozy favorites
Stocking up favorites!
In my last 2 Bath & Body Works post you saw how fan I am about the two big candles. It suddenly hit me; *what if these scent never come back...I need more of these, NOW!* and so I did and stocked up! Also got some extra things to get free shipping and because the scent sounded tasty.