26 April 2017

Reorganizing my life!

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Here I go again...again!
Yes, it's that time where I start chatting about how things are going to change again. I posted this same-ish post about 6 days ago and took it offline again soon after. I noticed that I got off track and was not really talking about reorganizing but more about other stuff. 1. Hot chocolate; check, 2. Little strawberry Oreo; check 3. Song on repeat (R.A.R.D - Don't Recall); check ...Let's do this again;)

Updated 2 July 2017
Everything with red colored text or/and title is an update :)
At the bottom of this post I share my blog-gap-explanation.

Lately I have been writing very extended reviews on my blog, I like this but it takes too much time. I still want to give you all the information but less time consuming.
I'm working on something new and this will take a while.

And for those who read the the first version, you know what my plan is.
But for me writing it down will put too much pressure on me and I feel like I'm doomed to fail. So I'll let it open and do "la la la" and see where it ends haha!

What I do want to do, is REORGANIZE :)

My blog
1. I want to re-categorize everything better with tags. I do have some strong ones that I often use, but there are a lot of them that are still Dutch from before or not well put. 1/3 finished
2. Then I also want to make a page where I write down all the information and personal experience I had with each online store I shopped at. Not started yet.
3. I want to add links to the titles in "My Favorite..." lists - lists in the left column of my blog. So if you would click on "My favorite beauty brands" and then on "Laneige"; then you would be linked to the tag Laneige and find all the posts I wrote about products from Laneige. Not started yet.
4. Then I also want to make a new list about online stores where I shop and link you to the info about the shop (2.) and the tag so yo can read all posts I wrote about that store. Nowhere near started yet.
5. Plus probably some other stuff :). Busy with that.

My Computer
1. My pictures, I took for blog posts over the years, are a chaos on my pc and they are very space consuming... 119 GB on pictures! I have a bad habit of never throwing away the 20 doubles of 1 products picture x100000. YES I'm not perfect hahah! So I need to start deleting all "19" and keep the best ones back to blog-year 0. I think that was about beginning of 2013. 1/10 finished lol.
2. Make a backup of my new reorganized pc situation. Need to finish 1. first.

My daily Life
I still live at home with my mom, but I started saving for my own place, this will take a while with my shopping habits lol. But before all that happens...
1. My room is a chaos and I really need to reorganize it! I wont go into details because it will drive you nuts. Finished but chaos again pff.
2. I need to get my shopping habits reduced to 50%, No worries still enough to blog about  ;). CHECK! :)
3. I need to find that perfect time in my day to workout and keep doing this 6 days a week until forever. Workout... too hot now.
4. What else? probably something :) Yes a lot of something...

All this will take some time and you already noticed I don't blog as often as I did before (long time ago). I want to blog more, but it doesn't work if I don't reorganize it all.

Where am I?
I'm here, hello :D I know there is a huge gap all the way back to April. I made this post to share that I wanted to reorganize my blog, pc and life because I was not happy with way it all was. After I posted this I kinda felt like I needed a break (not reorganize) and figure out what I really wanted with my blog etc. Sounds all negative but it's not really like that. I mainly had/have an overload with fun plans, ideas, hobbies, projects to do and I can't seem to get that organized and focus on 1 thing. It's all so much fun and that gave me a little bit a of a burnout. I started slowly to pick out things from the mountain of fun and completing it or giving it a firm place in a routine. I don't know how else to say it.
Now after a while my blog keeps tingling in my mind "member me, we had fun" ...Yes we did, but lately my blog felt more like an obligation, than really fun. I really want to have fun, so that is what I'm going to have! I'm not sure when my new post will be up or what it's about. I just wanted to put this out here and not in a new post. So my new post is free of rambles :)

I hope you've enjoyed my little "reorganized" ramble ;)
See you soon